Patreon set up, video card issue worked around, Kasumi

I was told that maybe I should set up a Patreon. So I did.

Also, I’ve worked around the video card issue for now with a very old video card I had stored (HD4870, 512 MB edition). I didn’t think it’d run Honey Select well enough, but I can mod it with it. I also bought an used GTX 770, because using a 9 years old card won’t cut it in the long term.

So I’m going to continue with porting some old mods, and this weekend I start with Kasumi. I kinda am excited to see her in a Taimanin Asagi outfit.

Video card just died

Well shit.

Today my GTX 560 finally kicked the bucket.

I won’t be able to make more mods unless I get a new one, hell, HoneySelect doesn’t even start with the integrated Intel HD3000 ok, it runs but horribly slow. If anyone has an old, still functional but unused (stored?) GPU of the same caliber, I’m willing to buy it…

Either that, or get enough donations to buy a new one and also pay for the shipment. Nationalization of imports over $100 is ridiculously expensive here.

Man, what a crappy day.

Ended up buying an used GTX770 for $99 from a reputable seller in ebay. I hope it works fine.

For now, I’ll be using a very old HD4870 (from when ATI was still a thing) I had from my previous computer. Hoping it doesn’t crap out too fast.

Thanks anyways guys, still if you can donate for the server costs, I’d be very thankful. I’ll also think about opening a Patreon, but I don’t know how that works.

SSL working, progress on Rachel

Hey guys,

First than nothing, you’ve probably noticed now the site redirects to https. That’s because I actually had an SSL certificate installed, I just didn’t know it.
I ran a quick and dirty update in the database to change all the post links to https, so please tell me if there’s any problems downloading, there shouldn’t be since all I did was replace “http:” for “https:” in every post, but, yeah, you never know.

And last, just so you know, I am working on Rachel.

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