[HS] Rachel DoA Character Mod (Updated)

REQUIREMENT, SERIOUSLY READ THIS: You’ll need Wide Slider (INSTALLED AND THE GAME PATCHED WITH IT). Else you’ll get something like this. Party DLC also required as of 1.2.

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head 200013
  • HairB 201187/201188
  • HairF 202192
  • Eyes 254740
  • Eyebrow 251176
  • Eyelashes 252176
  • Cheeks 256058
  • Eyeshadow 253196
  • Face Texture 250178
  • Lips 257189

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.
You can either put her card in a room, or load her appearance to a new character (I included the card).
Remove these files:

  • abdata/List/characustom/roy12_rachel_00.unity3d
  • abdata/Chara/roy12_rachel/*


– 1.2:

  • Centered the UV map (this might make the 4k patch not look correct).
  • Removed scalp from color map.
  • Modified the color map quite a bit.
  • Remade the gloss map using Substance Painter.
  • Revised expressions.
  • Fixed hair normal maps not being marked as normal maps.
  • She had a flat normal map, so I added some detail for the lips.
  • Lipstick edited to be able to make it a bit more dark red.
  • Eye shadows edited to better resemble the originals.
  • Made it possible to scale the head’s width.
  • Edited the brows a bit.
  • Some small edits to the eyes.

– Initial version.

Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

Direct Download:
[4k Patch by HanmenNoAsura] (Might look odd with version 1.2 of the mod, not sure if it replaces the head also)

64 thoughts on “[HS] Rachel DoA Character Mod (Updated)”

  1. Great work, Roy! The amount of time and effort you put into these characters is mind-boggling.

    I have a question though: is there a way to make the character maker’s mouth corner and eyebrow sliders work for your DOA models? It would make it easier to fiddle with their expressions in the studio.

      1. No worries, just wondering. From studying your tutorials it’s clear that you put an insane level of work into these models already. Thanks for replying!

  2. Awesome, I’ll admit Rachel is far from my favourite DOA gal but still an awesome job you’ve done and great complement to the other DOA beauties you’ve already given us.

    1. Eh, maybe, I actually prefer Christie with her usual, messy hair. Since I know I can make hairlines (learned it with Rachel) I can give it a shot, but not right now.

  3. I think I prefer your old face texture before you update Momiji’s and apply the face for newer releases after that.

    The reason is that I like to adjust skin’s colour intensity & softness option to make the girl’s skin looks sweaty but I cannot do this on the new released textures because their face end up being too shinny like metal with little changes.

    if it’s not too much of a trouble can you release another version with different texture? :<

    1. I’ll upload a patch with the old textures, since it’s just replacing two files (HS is very modular actually).

      I’ll make a sweat option for existing girls at some point though.

      The outfit is one of Zeaska’s ports. Search for his collection post in Hongfire.

      1. >The outfit is one of Zeaska’s ports. Search for his collection post in Hongfire.

        I’ve looked all over and can’t find it. His Byzantine naming schemes and Hongfire being the equivalent of a punchcard computer in terms of filehosting and -browsing doesn’t help matters.

        Could you at least confirm it’s not one of his patreon-only sets?

  4. Thank you very much for your renewal!
    It’s the favorite character most by an original game.
    The surrounding person was surprised for the percentage of completion to be high as of Ver1.0, too.

  5. Hello to all
    sorry for the question but I have the honey select version 1.20 and I have trouble finding the right English translations …
    can someone give me a link appropriate to version 1.20?
    thank you

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