Frequently Asked Questions (HS)


Before you start

Please make sure your game is up to date, with the last update installed (japanese version being 630, FAKKU version being whatever the Extend DLC uses). Coordinates and girl cards will only work if your game is the same version than mine.

Make sure you have the game correctly patched with IPA.

Make sure you downloaded the latest release of GGMod. If you’re using the FAKKU version, you’ll need to check in their forums if the fix for it is still around, since Hongfire’s dead.

Make sure you install latest WideSlider AND patch your game/studio with it.

Also make sure to have MoreSlotID at version 1.3. Lower versions didn’t support face parts so you’d have problems with Jessica and Samus and anything coming later if you don’t have it at 1.3.

Please add X girl to PlayHome

We can’t add custom heads to PlayHome right now, and it’s not know if it’ll be possible. They can be replaced, but I’m not interested in managing that.

How do I install x mod?


This applies for all my mods unless otherwise stated in the post. Please take some time to read the post’s install instructions, they’re important.

How do I make sure WideSlider is working correctly?

This applies for vanilla head characters too.
Make a girl with over the top values, save the card, exit the game, enter the game again and load the card. If the values are clamped back to 0/100, your wideslider is not working correctly.
If the values are not clamped and you still have the eyes out of eyelids issue, then take the card from the original 7z file and rewrite the one you have in UserData.

I installed X Character Mod, but the girl is invisible when loading her

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of WideSlider and that it’s installed correctly (read the instructions there for installation instructions). See here on how to make sure it’s working correctly.

Also make sure you installed X Character Mod correctly. See the previous question to know how to properly install mods (at least that applies for mine).

Also as of Septembre 02 of 2017, please make sure to have MoreSlotID installed, since any mods coming from this date will require it.

I installed X Character Mod, but the girl’s eyelashes are purple and her eyes all white when loading her

See the answer for the previous question. Same applies.

I installed X Character Mod, but the girl has no eyelids

Your game is not patched with WideSlider. And if you did so, you did so after extracting the UserData. See how to make sure WideSlider is working correctly.

So after you’ve ensured that WideSlider is working (make a random girl with values outside the norm, meaning -0 or +100, save her, exit the game, load the girl and see if the values stay out of the norm like they should, if they don’t, your WideSlider is not working correctly) extract the UserData again.

Also moving the eye/face sliders of the character is not a fix, the problem is in your game, not in the mod.

I updated a girl but her hair disappeared/something something

This could only happen with an old update for Christie which is no longer available. In case this happens in the future, just reload her appearance from the card and resave. I probably changed an ID, I shouldn’t have to do this anymore though.

When I load a girl her face looks white unless I remove the makeup

This is an old issue with an old version of the 4k mod. Please update it and then reinstall the girl. The new versions upscale the textures automatically and should prevent this.

I updated/installed a girl, but her face is stuck to the floor

Install BonesFramework 1.1.0 or whatever’s more recent than that.

If you’re having issues with BonesFramework (such as the face being glued to the floor), make sure that your game is updated to the latest patch. Otherwise, you’ll get an error similar to this in output_log.txt:

 BonesFramework: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type ‘Studio.ItemFKCtrl’ from assembly ‘Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’. 

This error shows up when the game is not correctly updated. When the game is outdated, it’s also possible for BonesFramework to conflict with some of Joan’s other plugins. So, basically, please make sure your game is fully updated if you have issues with BonesFramework.

And if you’re using any of Joan’s other plugins, make sure they’re updated.

I have latest WideSlider, MoreSlotID 1.3, BonesFramework 1.1.0 installed yet I have problems

Something you installed recently (not my mods, something plugin related) overwrote the changes made by these mods. Repatch your game and reinstall the character mod.

If that doesn’t fix it, your game is broken and there’s nothing I can do for you other than suggesting a reinstall, mod setups are all so different that I can’t really begin to guess how you broke your game.

Are you working on X girl?/Please X girl next

The results of the last poll made after each batch determines the characters I’m working on and in which order.

There won’t be any more western game characters once I’m done with the ones left in requests. I don’t like them. Stop asking for them.

Also see about requests.

Are you going to do any more male characters?


I get “Abort, you reached your download limit for this file, wait for a bit and try again.” when trying to download.

I’ve set up a script to limit the amount of connections per IP to a single file. You’ll have to wait 5 minutes to download the same file again. This is to reduce the bandwidth usage. People sharing IPs with others will have to use the Baidu mirror.

Please don’t ask me to change this, it would overload the downloads server.

Also I’ve been adding additional mirrors.

I get an error downloading.

Please be specific, “an error” could be anything. If the error is the one mentioned in the previous line, wait 5 minutes or use the Baidu mirror. If it’s a not found error, make sure your browser supports redirection correctly, either that or the server is down. Also, download managers not supported, these tend to connect multiple times to the server, this could kill the VPS, please either limit the download to a single connection in your download manager or use the browser’s downloader.

Supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox (and branches like Waterfox or Palemoon), Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. No idea if Safari works.

I installed one of your mods and now all my girls are white!

Every single person I’ve seen with this issue, it’s been because they installed a Sexy Beach Premium Resort mod in Honey Select. Please pay attention to what the mod’s title says, if it says SBPR, then it’s for Sexy Beach Premium Resource. If it’s HS it’s Honey Select.

One of your girls is fine in the game but her eyes are out of her eyelids in the studio!

Patch the studio with Wideslider too. The game and the studio both get patched separately.

Also, if this happens after installing Party:

Install latest wideslider. Patch the game with it. Install latest IPA. Patch the game with IPA. Extract the cards again or get them from “UserData\chara_old\female” and put them back in “UserData\chara\female”.

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s up with your game, sorry.

I can still see a neck seam

Do you use an uncensor?

Most probably yes. The uncensor adds a seam even for the vanilla head with vanilla texture (get the camera closer to the neck and you’ll notice it). I can’t fix this, as this is a problem with the uncensor, and I think it’s not possible to fix it. I started removing the seams when I wasn’t using an uncensor, and back then it was perfect. Now it gets to just have the same seam as the vanilla head.

If you don’t use an uncensor, please specify it, as then maybe I didn’t erase part of what I need to erase to fix the seam.

The file is password protected!

Yes, it means it’s Patrons only. Some releases will be patron only for 5 days. You can get it early by becoming a patron, or you can wait for 15 days to get it.

You shouldn’t be having this issue unless you somehow downloaded the file before the first 15 days without being a patron.

Updates won’t go through this.

The face looks misaligned.

You probably have a conflicting mod. Solve your conflict using ResolveMoreSlotID. Don’t use the automatically solve all conflicts. look for ResolveMoreSlotID

Also stop trying to use another face texture with the custom heads, they’re required to use the face texture they come with.

The head is missing.

You either lack updates (please have your game updated to the latest, or if you’re still at 1.1, the last patch installed for that old version), didn’t install the mod properly (there’s people extracting the files individually to random folders, please stop that and read the install instructions) or have some unknown conflict (read previous point on how to fix it).

If it’s none of this, then I’ve no idea of what’s your issue.

I have an issue but it’s not listed here

Leave the following information in your comment (the comment must be in the same post of the mod with the issue) or go into Discord and state the following:

  1. Did you check for conflicts?
  2. Are you sure you installed the mod correctly?
  3. Is Wideslider updated to the latest version?
  4. Is Wideslider working correctly? (Make a girl with over the top values, save the card, exit the game, enter the game again and load the card. If the values are clamped back to 0/100, your wideslider is not working correctly)
  5. Is BonesFramework 1.1.0 installed? Check your logs (see next point)
  6. Your game/studio/neo log in a pastebin (logs are at GameDir/X_32/64_Data (depends on if you’re using the 32 bit or 64 bit executable)/output_log.txt)
  7. Screenshots of the issue

Any help requests lacking this information will go unnoticed.

I want to request x

Requests are indefinitely closed as of November 2017.

I installed an outfit but it marks as conflicting in HS_SlotID/Doesn’t show up

Please make sure to have MoreSlotID installed first and at version 1.3 (older versions have problems with faces). Get it from either here.

Any mods from September 02 of 2017 onward will require it.

And no, I’m not making MoreSlotID free versions, please use it.

I installed the 4k diffuse pack and now your outfits changed IDs

Repatch with IPA/MoreSlotID/WideSlider, the diffuse pack replaces binaries that these patchers modify.

X outfit disappears when the shoes are on

Repatch with IPA and make sure your GGMod is updated. It’s a known issue when you have GGMod outdated.

The head’s color is slightly different to the body’s

Sadly, I can’t make it so everything matches with them, including modded skins. If you noticed a modded skin color is slightly different and it bothers you, you’ll have to fix this yourself, by either editing the face’s color texture or the body’s, there’s too many skin mods nowadays, and I use the vanilla head’s texture as a template for color, there’s no way I can support every skin mod out there, sorry.