DLC News, Wideslider is fixed, that was quick

Hello guys.

I’m already testing the DLC, and I’ve found a pretty bad issue.

The game is not saving negative values in cards. So characters like Lisa, you can fix her eyes by moving the depth to -66, once you reload the card, the slider gets back to 0.

I’m going to report this to the author of Wideslider, I can’t fix this on my own.

You’ll need to wait for this to be fixed. Other things are SlotID conflicts I’m already fixing.

Nope, turns out Wide Slider was already fixed today, here, have a link through Google’s cache, because Hongfire seems down right now:


Go thank Vrl0ver, it’s really cool how fast he updated it. I’m fixing girls cards now along with Slot IDs, wait for a bit for an update.

See you.

Patreon set up, video card issue worked around, Kasumi

I was told that maybe I should set up a Patreon. So I did.

Also, I’ve worked around the video card issue for now with a very old video card I had stored (HD4870, 512 MB edition). I didn’t think it’d run Honey Select well enough, but I can mod it with it. I also bought an used GTX 770, because using a 9 years old card won’t cut it in the long term.

So I’m going to continue with porting some old mods, and this weekend I start with Kasumi. I kinda am excited to see her in a Taimanin Asagi outfit.