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Hello guys,

I had to move because now that Eric Green can’t report the links to Mega, he decided to report the posts. Wasn’t him it seems. Whatever, I had to do this sooner or later.

There’s no SSL (https) yet because the SSL certificates are very expensive, so I have to see which one is okay to use.

You might notice changes from time to time, I’m still getting used to WordPress, and I don’t like this theme at all, but I couldn’t find any good one yet.

Please tell me if there’s any problems with the WordPress.

I’ve noticed the site is a bit slow. I guess I can’t do much about it for now, since you can’t compare Google’s servers to a virtual server.

27 thoughts on “New site”

  1. I maybe noticed a little problem on the site, but I don’t know if it comes from my connection or from the site himself. It seems that I can’t access the site at the first click, cause google can’t find your site immediately and I have to retry at least once to enter the site.

  2. Honeyrequest blogspot got taken down a few hours ago.
    I was in the midst downloading stuff.
    What is going on? With all those takedowns.

      1. Shit happens indeed. Thankfully you took action by leaving blogspot behind you.

        You have a wonderful place here. Keep up the good work. Will support you!

  3. Can’t believe someone is so awesome that not only share his resources but also pay to share it! The world needs more people like you. I will go to this site per day~

  4. Hey Roy, thanks for all the effort you put into your mods, they are great.
    I just wanted to ask if you are ever going to port the Leopard MicroBikini to HoneySelect? Thanks again.

  5. hey man, awesome work you’re doing here!
    fuck that guy, whoever it is trying to mess wit u.

    been browsing for characters for HS, and your work is absolutely the best of all!
    mad props!

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