[HS] Sexy Evening Dress


Requires SBX

This is a port from an outfit mod for Skyrim by gekkou1992 that I like a lot, and I think it fits even better in ero games. Contains 2 tops:

The first one is opaque.

The second one is semitransparent.

These both work with the color slider.

I’ve included coordinate cards, but you can also load them by searching for them in the Top section.

Requires SBX, that’s the uncensor I’m using now.

CustomList: roy12_top01.unity3d

IDs: Tops 205965 and 205966

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Remove these files:

Version History:

  • Initial release

Known issues:

  • It might clip a bit with extreme body proportions.
  • The transparent outfit has some alpha order issues, still thinking about how to fix them, maybe separate in layers.
  • The weighting below the breasts isn’t fantastic and might look bad with some breast slider values.
  • Some panties might clip a bit, I tried my best to maintain the dress over the panties mesh, but it still clips sometimes, sorry.




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