Frequently Asked Questions (AI)


Before you start

Please make sure your game is up to date, with the last updates installed.

Make sure you have the typical requirements:

Make sure you have Heelz if you’re trying to use high heels.

How do I install x mod?

If it’s a 7z, extract the contents of the 7z into your game directory. If it’s a zipmod, put the zipmod in the /mods directory.

This applies for all my mods unless otherwise stated in the post. Please take some time to read the post’s install instructions, they’re important.

When I load a girl her face looks white

Make sure you have ALL the requirements indicated in the mod download page. This usually means you’re missing resource redirector. It is not optional.

Are you working on X girl?/Please X girl next

The results of the last poll made after each batch determines the characters I’m working on and in which order.

There won’t be any more western game characters.

I get “Abort, you reached your download limit for this file, wait for a bit and try again.” when trying to download.

I’ve set up a script to limit the amount of connections per IP to a single file. You’ll have to wait 5 minutes to download the same file again. This is to reduce the bandwidth usage. People sharing IPs with others will have to use the Baidu mirror.

Please don’t ask me to change this, it would overload the downloads server.

Also I’ve been adding additional mirrors.

I get an error downloading.

Please be specific, “an error” could be anything. If the error is the one mentioned in the previous line, wait 5 minutes or use the Baidu mirror. If it’s a not found error, make sure your browser supports redirection correctly, either that or the server is down. Also, download managers not supported, these tend to connect multiple times to the server, this could kill the VPS, please either limit the download to a single connection in your download manager or use the browser’s downloader.

Supported browsers are Mozilla Firefox (and branches like Waterfox or Palemoon), Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. No idea if Safari works.

I can still see a neck seam

Not perfectly fixable yet, sorry.

The face tints look misaligned.

Don’t try to use eyeshadows/lips/cheeks/moles that are not made for the custom head. It just won’t work, the UVs are different. If you want to, use Overlay Mods/Material Editor to edit the face textures to your liking.

Where do I put the file CustomBoneList.txt?

See this guide to use custom bones in ABMX. No need to put the list anywhere really, but it’s good to have them handy when editing the character.

I want to request x

Requests are indefinitely closed as of November 2017.