Frequently Asked Questions


How do I install x mod?

This applies for all my mods unless otherwise stated in the post. Please take some time to read the post’s install instructions, they’re important.

I installed X Character Mod, but the girl is invisible when loading her

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of WideSlider and that it’s installed correctly (read the instructions there for installation instructions).

Also make sure you installed X Character Mod correctly. See the previous question to know how to properly install mods (at least that applies for mine).

I installed X Character Mod, but the girl’s eyelashes are purple and her eyes all white when loading her

See the answer for the previous question. Same applies.

I updated a girl but her hair disappeared/something something

This could only happen with an old update for Christie which is no longer available. In case this happens in the future, just reload her appearance from the card and resave. I probably changed an ID, I shouldn’t have to do this anymore though.

When I load a girl her face looks white unless I remove the makeup

That’s because you installed plasticmind’s 4k mod at some point (one of HF patches installs this by default). Latest version of the mod doesn’t require too much work to make a compatibility patch, so I will be making one, but don’t expect it anytime soon because I don’t use the mod.

Are you working on X girl?/Please X girl next

The results of the last poll made after each batch determines the characters I’m working on and in which order.

The girl’s face looks all white

4k mods are not supported at the moment, and I don’t use them, so I can’t test it once I release some kind of patch.

I get “Abort, you reached your download limit for this file, wait for a bit and try again.” when trying to download.

I’ve set up a script to limit the amount of connections per IP to a single file. You’ll have to wait 5 minutes to download the same file again. This is to reduce the bandwidth usage.

I get an error downloading.

Please be specific, “an error” could be anything. If the error is the one mentioned in the previous line, wait 5 minutes. If it’s a not found error, make sure your browser supports redirection correctly, either that or the server is down. Also, download managers not supported, these tend to connect multiple times to the server, this could kill the VPS, please either limit the download to a single connection in your download manager or use the browser’s downloader.

I installed one of your mods and now all my girls are white!

Every single person I’ve seen with this issue, it’s been because they installed a Sexy Beach Premium Resort mod in Honey Select. Please pay attention to what the mod’s title says, if it says SBPR, then it’s for Sexy Beach Premium Resource. If it’s HS it’s Honey Select. Why do I even have to explain this?

One of your girls is fine in the game but her eyes are out of her eyelids in the studio!

Patch the studio with Wideslider too. The game and the studio both get patched separately.

Also, if this happens after installing Party:

Install latest wideslider. Patch the game with it. Install latest IPA. Patch the game with IPA. Extract the cards again or get them from “UserData\chara_old\female” and put them back in “UserData\chara\female”.

If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s up with your game, sorry.

I can still see a neck seam

Do you use an uncensor? Most probably yes. The uncensor adds a seam even for the vanilla head with vanilla texture (get the camera closer to the neck and you’ll notice it). I can’t fix this, as this is a problem with the uncensor, and I think it’s not possible to fix it. I started removing the seams when I wasn’t using an uncensor, and back then it was perfect. Now it gets to just have the same seam as the vanilla head. If you don’t use an uncensor, please specify it, as then maybe I didn’t erase part of what I need to erase to fix the seam.

The file is password protected!

Yes, it means it’s Patrons only. Some releases will be patron only for 5 days. You can get it early by becoming a patron (doesn’t matter the amount), or you can wait for 5 days to get it. I did this because it was time I started rewarding my patrons.

I want to request x

While I’d love to make some of these, please remember only $100 patrons will have their requests assured. For others, if I see something that I like it could be taken in consideration for a project.