[HS] Guide(lines) to Import Custom Head Meshes


Necessary software:

Before we begin, I want you to know that this tutorial won’t do you any good if you don’t know the basics of Blender, and that includes handling skeletons.

I won’t cover these here, there’s many tutorials for that on the internet. Either ask, or search for an answer in Google.

Also, have in mind that most of this is more like a general guideline, you might need to adjust some steps depending on what you’re importing, since not every game has the same standards when it comes to assets of any kind. That said, in my case, I’m importing Christie from DoA 5 LR, and not even in this game do all the characters have the same standards.

Well then. Read more after the split.

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[SBPR] Slut Outfit from The House of Beasts

Same one as in PlayClub, from The House of Beasts.




image_283004 image_283011 image_283003

This time I was able to separate everything, so the top can be paired with something else, the skirt too, the collar and bracelets are separate accessories too.
Also as an accidental bonus, as you can see from the pics, bras can be used below the top.
None, it uses its own custom list file for everything included.
Regarding uncensors:
Now here’s a small detail. Since this is a clothing, even if it shows the nipples the girl has assigned, it still needs its own body model. I would have preferred for it to use the body in cf_base, but it seems there’s no way.
So if you want to apply an uncensor for the top, you’ll have to replace the body in roy12_t01.unity3d (both clothed and undressed states), then recalculate the normals monobehaviour. You can use whatever you have in cf_base.

1.1 – Added belly bulge weight for the skirt.



[SBPR] DoA Aquamarine

Another super risque bikini from DoA. This time from the Extreme Volleyball games.



At first this was a test to see how high I could go with the polycount in this game, but I decided to make it better and weighted it so that the beads don’t deform horribly.

More Pics:

image_282721 image_282722

This bikini is really high poly (over 40k faces), because the beads on the body are actual “solid” models, not a flat model with an alpha texture like the original was.
What this means is that it might slow down your game if your computer can’t handle it.
The neck part is still a flat model with an alpha texture though, because I wasn’t willing to fix weighting for that many beads individually (again) and that would have increased the polycount even higher.
Drag and drop the contents of the 7z onto your SBPR’s root folder. Replace when asked (have in mind it uses the list “CharaCustomList_AM”, so if you already have a mod that uses this list name, you can rename it).
Remove the following files:
.abdataListCharaCustomCharaCustomList_AM.unity 3d



[SBPR] Newmiller’s High Heel Platforms

So I decided to give the ggmod system a try. Works wonders, gone are the days of cutting feet from the body and screwing around with normal behaviors. It supports even shoes composed of multiple transforms.


More pics:

image_283983 image_283984

Illusion Plugin Arquitecture for SBPR. If you don’t have it at this point, then install it from the GGMod post.
GGmod High Heel System
These requirements are mandatory as I won’t make heels with the old body replacement method.
Slots used:
CustomList: CharaCustomList_R3
ID: 215099
See the requirements first, if you don’t have them, install them.
Then extract the contents of this download to your game’s directory.
Remove the following files:
The weighting isn’t perfect, so a bit of deformation can happen on the platforms. Weighting this was a pain because it’s high poly.
Also the UV isn’t as nice as it was in PlayClub, because for some reason, if I didn’t make the platforms seamless, recalculating normals wouldn’t remove the seams, even with very low thresholds. This just means the reflection isn’t as nice as in PlayClub, but it’s still there.



[SBPR] Tina’s Mantle Bikini

My favorite DoA girl is Tina, and I love the swimsuit they got for her in DoA 5.

– My swimsuits custom list, download here, then extract in your game’s folder.
This mod adds a standalone swimsuit, which means, it doesn’t replace any vanilla assets.
This uses the ID 209100, so if you have any other standalone mod using that ID, read the readme inside the custom list download to know what to change.
UPDATE 15/11/2015: Uploaded an update that fixes problems with hair. Fixes some clipping too.
– Extract my swimsuits custom list in your game folder.
– Extract the swimsuit in your game’s folder.
– Remove abdataChararoy12_sw03.unity3d.
– Remove abdataListCharaCustomCharaCustomList_R1.unity3d if you want to remove all my swimsuit entries from your game.
– Add collar as accesory.
– Somehow finish my high heel system for the high heels.



[SBPR] Piggy Outfit

Again, another port of my stuff from PC.


This one took longer because I had to reweight parts of the main outfit and the whole socks. Some outfits don’t port perfectly so it’s necessary to adjust things. Luckily the underboob didn’t need any reweighting…
Contains the head accesory, the main outfit and the socks.
I couldn’t get the alpha slider to work, so you have an adjusted level of opacity from the alpha channel. Changed the specular texture to grayscale so that you can set the shine color yourself in the game.

Back and front pics:

image_283830 image_283831

None, uses its own CustomList.

Slot/ID used:
CustomList: CharaCustomList_PO
IDs: 209103, 350503, 214536

Extract the contents of the 7z into your SBPR main directory.
Remove these files: