[HS] Hair Importing Guidelines (v2)


I’m doing a new tutorial, because the old one sucked, and I suck at doing tutorials or writing documentations, I just don’t have the patience for it. So let’s try to keep it short. I’m not gonna explain to you how to import and adapt the hair to the head, there’s thousands of ways to achieve the same thing. I’m also not explaining how to make textures work for the games shaders, compare them to the original ones.

Here I’m gonna adapt Pai Chan’s back hair to Tina’s head, but this tutorial also applies for any head.

I’m gonna use images because I find editing videos extremely tedious, I used to do something like that as a hobby and I probably got burned out of it. Besides we’re gonna be using Unity to create the asset bundle.


  • Blender (at least at 2.79, as previous versions export FBX with an odd scaling for Unity)
  • Name panel for Blender, get it from here from the github link and install it
  • Flippist for Blender, get it from here and install it
  • Unity (5.3.5 for HS, 5.5.4 for PH, 5.6.2 for KK)
  • Sexy Beach 3 Utility GUI at least at 1.10
  • Honey Select scripts for Unity here (search how to import custom packages into the editor!)

Let’s begin.

And that’s it, more or less.