[HS] Akiyama Rinko’s Outfit (Updated: Fixed issues with LRE)

Read the instructions in the archive to know how to change colors correctly.

Requires GGMOD for the heels.

Akiyama Rinko (Normal)

CustomList: roy12_ss25.unity3d


  • Swimsuit 209920213
  • Swim Top 210101204
  • Gloves 212924105
  • Shoes (F) 215915213
  • Socks 214909212

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Do the same when updating.

Remove these files:

  • abdata\List\characustom\roy12_ss26.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\mizuki_shiranui_outfit.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\rinko_boots.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\rinko_gauntlets.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\rinko_outfit.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\rinko_socks.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\rinko_swimtop.unity3d
  • Plugins\Ggmod_cfg\p_cf_shoes_ggmod_rinkoboots.cfg

Version History:

  • 1.1: Fixes issues with LRE.
  • Initial release

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Rinko Card (read the requirements!)