essu’s CopyChaBodyMat

First, many thanks to essu for this. He has enabled us to be able to copy the skin material to any mesh renderer in real time, and this is extremely useful for modders.

This plugin works in both AI and HS2 with no need for separate versions, so don’t mind the HS2 in the name.


What is this?

This plugin allows you to automatically copy the body skin material instance to any mesh renderer specified by a monobehaviour. That includes allowing for automatic or manual skin gloss, wetness and cum changes (good for both the game and studio).

For users

A requirement for some mods, such as my Skindentation Accessories mod.

For modders

With this, you use a monobehaviour to tell the plugin what mesh renderer(s) you want the skin material copied to. This mesh doesn’t need to have any material assigned to it, since the material copied from the skin has everything already. This can be useful for anything you want to add where you need the material and textures from the body copied. Very useful for stuff like user friendly skindentation, or skin colored tails (though it’ll need to somehow match the body’s existing textures unless you make some special ones), maybe you can even add a subdivided stomach for real abs, provided the edges match. I haven’t tested with clothing items, but in theory it should just work, maybe.

The advantage with this over simply copying the body’s material manually in the maker or the studio, is that any changes, such as wetness, gloss or cum parameter changes, also happen in the mesh the plugin handles.


Main download


Usage (for users)

Just drop the plugin in BepInEx\plugins

Usage (for modders)

I’ll make a proper guide to use this and link it here along with the source for the plugin. It’s not difficult at all.