[AI] Misaki

Read the requirements section


If you want SSS: See this guide if you don’t know what to do with SSS textures.


Drop the contents of the 7z into your AI Shoujo install folder.


Load any of the included cards wherever you want.


Delete her cards.

Then remove this file:

  • mods/[roy12]Misaki.zipmod


  • Initial version.




Additional Comments:

Well, wasn’t she a tough one.

VV models, like LR ones, have almost flat normal maps, so faces rely a lot on the model’s face normals, and for this one in particular, some parts were painfully obvious. Also the diffuse map has a lot of shading on it.

So for this girl I decided to completely drop the original color texture for the face and remake it myself in Substance Painter by eye, looking at one of the vanilla base color textures as reference. I also baked a normal map from a somewhat retopo’d, subdivided and somewhat resculpted face for her, so the low poly nature of the mesh wasn’t so obvious, the original normal map didn’t help with, well, anything.

Hopefully I can apply this for the rest of these girls.

Make sure your ABMX is 4.1 minimum, as it introduced position/rotation modifying for bones! I used it to fix her eyes rotations.

Remember you can use vanilla hairs with all girls so far given that you modify the bone cf_J_ScalpLength_S with ABMX’s advanced window, along with all the other bones in the included CustomBonesList.txt. Guide here.

Only one card. Her hair has customization and she also comes with ear bones (though I already made that a standard so I will stop mentioning it).

Make sure you have all the requirements mentioned, otherwise you will run into issues.

Have fun!