[HS] DillDoe’s Fur Coat Updated

This is a small fix for DillDoe’s Fur Coat mod, using the Imperial Fur shader I bought and modified for the Dangerous Beast outfit. It should work fine with LRE now.

I could never get an answer from DillDoe from a PM I sent him in Hongfire about an old outfit I modified, and he doesn’t seem active anymore according to most people, nor do I have any other way to contact him, if you’re reading this, I hope it doesn’t bother you.

Everything is in this archive, no need to download the original one.

CustomList: dilldoe_Furcoat.unity3d


  • Same as the original ones!

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Do the same when updating.

Notes on usage here: Instructions

Remove these files:

  • abdata\List\characustom\dilldoe_Furcoat.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\DillDoe\Fur_Coat.unity3d

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