[HS] Nyotengu DoA Character Mod (Updated 04/07/2017)

 REQUIREMENT: You’ll need Wide Slider (search Wide in that pastebin) from now. Else you’ll get something like this.

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head 200009
  • HairB 201181 and 201182
  • HairF 202186
  • Eyes 254736
  • Eyebrow 251172
  • Eyelashes 252172
  • Cheeks 256054
  • Eyeshadow 253192
  • Face Texture 250173
  • Lips 257185
  • Mole 259010
  • Head Accessory 350306

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Same for updates.

You can either put her card(s) in a room, or load her appearance to a new character (I included the cards).

You need wideslider (for the game, studio and NEO) or you’ll get the eyes-out-of-her-sockets bug.


Remove her cards.
Remove these files:

  • abdata/List/characustom/roy12_nyotengu_00.unity3d
  • abdata/Chara/roy12_nyotengu/*


1.3 (Forgot what I did for the previous ones):

  • Modified hair textures to be friendlier to recoloring with the character maker.
  • Modified hair tail bones, they move much better now and don’t look permanently bent.
  • Hair normal maps and the accessory normal map are all now correctly read as normal maps.
  • Made it possible to scale the head horizontally, use the face breadth slider.
  • Small fix for the face normal map.
  • Expressions reviewed a bit.
  • Scalp removed from face texture and added to hairs.
  • There was nothing much I could do for the eye textures, so they stay the same.
  • Made the teeth use their own, lone texture instead of a shared one.
  • Teeth are now the same color as Momiji’s.
  • Removed the 4k patch, as it’s been reported to cause problems, and I also got reports that now you can use these mods with the 4k mod without issues (it upscales the textures automatically where it needs to). It also seems like HanmenNoAsura isn’t around anymore. I’ll put it back if it gets fixed.

Initial version.

Known Issues:

  • None anymore.

Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

[DOWNLOAD] [Baidu Mirror]


For 1.1:


For 1.2:


 And the Full Blown Youkai Cards (only 1.2, don’t ask for 1.1 for these as they’re just extras):

41 thoughts on “[HS] Nyotengu DoA Character Mod (Updated 04/07/2017)”

  1. Hi
    I installed wide slider and copy the files
    but after I load the card, there is no head, just hollow, only the body that copy

    why? but when I load other card, its work normally

  2. hi, i have found only a small bug about back hair “nyotengu long” is not really possible to make a color different from dark, 95% of the surface can’t be colored its normal ?

    1. I’ll take a look at it sometime. It probably is because the diffuse has too many dark parts. The game needs really bright diffuse textures, and only recently I’ve been able to get it better in that sense (Kasumi, for example).

      1. Okay, this explain why i can’t color all this part, very tanks too you to watching this, i am a little fan of you work and very congrats ! sorry if my english are bad, i’m try to be better and better after every day.

  3. Hello. You really did excellent work and I love your Characters so much.
    May I ask a question??
    Some clothing(dress or stockings) of your Characters shown different color like nummy red or white.
    Is there something wrong with my setup? Or have to install some other mod??
    (I’m beginner of HS, sorry…)

  4. Hi, I always enjoyed it.
    I found a small bug.
    The depth of field does not function correctly in nyotengu’s eyes.
    I am waiting for you to fix it.

    1. I’ve made a very important updates for MILA, NYOTENGU and AYANE. Please reupload. Also new version requires latest 4K patch.

  5. Great mod, but if you can post the file on Mega, I will be very grateful…
    PS: Still no hope for changing IP to download from wordpress.

  6. I dont get why but when i load the character after installing mod, all body work but face in blank someone can help me ?

  7. Hi Roy, I got a small bug with the 4k patch, the makeup doesn’t work well, it looksa bit off and if I switch to the standard version it looks good, maybe I am missing something so if you know how to fix it that would be awesome.

    Thanks and keep it up Roy!

    1. Remember I don’t give support for the 4k patches since I don’t use them. I removed the 4k patch today because it’s been reported to cause issues. You’ll have to go to anime-sharing and maybe PM HanmenNoAsura about the patch, but he’s been missing since a long time ago I think.

  8. Your works is so great. I hope to make more and more sample , Soulca Calibur Sophitia or RE Jill? Do you have some plan for adding RE Chris Redfield or Niervan, Soulc Calibur guys or orther game guys into HS?

    1. i was going to answer something similar …

      is making a men character similar to making female one ? or its more complex ?

  9. huh !! tell me those big nipples are only for the red version one ?

    ’cause she doesnt have those big nipples (i m based on dead or alive extrem 3 as i have the game )

  10. How do I make her stick out her tongue in game like she is doing in your screenshot? When she does that in doa5 I go fap crazy every time!

  11. I am unable to find the character in my list.

    Do I need Honey Select Party for it?
    Or any mods?

    I am currently using the default Honey Select + Emotions Expansions.
    Is there any updates I have to get?

  12. Are your char mods compatible with LRE/IBL? all the characters seem to have red chins and something under their noses. The card without the new skin and body types works fine (the skin is gray, but that’s just an issue with LRE/IBL), so it must be something with the new skin an body types. Any help is appreciated. I love your work btw <3. Keep it up.

  13. Riddle me this: I put in the 1.2 userdata and installed the 1.3 Nyotengu into the proper place. Drag&Dropped as ordered.

    However, Nyotengu’s cards fail to appear in the Load Character select screen. How do I fix this? =(

    1. Did you check for conflicts?
      Lu Lingqi works fine, I can see her card. Nyotengu? Nope. So… no, I did not cause I’m not sure what to look for. So far, everything is fine except that. Also my HoneySelect is 1.10, it seems. I don’t have NEO.

      Are you sure you installed the mod correctly?
      Yes. I dragged and dropped the cards and the data in the main directory as stated.

      Is Wideslider updated to the latest version? ..I think so? Whatever was in the EMF patch.
      Is Wideslider working correctly? (Make a girl with over the top values, save the card, exit the game, enter the game again and load the card. If the values are clamped back to 0/100, your wideslider is not working correctly)
      Yes, it’s working fine.

      Your game/studio/neo log in a pastebin: https://pastebin.com/f3DK5hra

      Screenshots of the issue: https://puu.sh/y3YQ2/ab5bf421a9.png (As you can see, no Nyo cards.)

    2. ..I believe I figured out the problem. I should have used the 1.1 UserData and not the 1.2. However, I have since upgraded my HS to 1.2 and have installed all of the up to date mods, etc etc and even have the mod conflict app installed as well. Apologies for my derps.

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