[HS] Helena DoA Character Mod (Updated)

REQUIREMENT: You’ll need Wide Slider (you can also get it from here  searching for Wide). Else you’ll get something like this.

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head Type (F) 200011
  • Face Type (F) 250176
  • Eyebrow (F) 251174
  • Eyelash 252174
  • Eye (F) 254738
  • Hair Front 202189
  • Hair Front 202190
  • Hair Front 202209
  • Hair Back 201184
  • Hair Back 201185
  • Hair Back 201171
  • Eye Shadow 253194
  • Cheek Color 256056
  • Lip Type 257187

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Then extract the cards corresponding to your version of the game (1.10 or 1.20).

You can either put her card(s) in a room, or load her appearance to a new character (I included the cards). Note that you need the wide slider mod, since it helps me a lot with the eye positioning. Without it, you’ll have weird problems, like her eyes not showing up or stuff like that.

Remove these files:

  • abdata/List/characustom/roy12_helena_00.unity3d
  • abdata/Chara/roy12_helena/*


Update 1.1:

  • Add ability to modify her head wideness.
  • Fix textures to blend better with the body.
  • Remove scalp from face textures and add it as part of the back hair for all hairs.
  • Fix hair so that it doesn’t clip with the new scalp.
  • Add additional hair.
  • Revised expressions.

Initial version.

Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo


[DOWNLOAD][Baidu Mirror]

Cards for 1.10


Cards for 1.20


45 thoughts on “[HS] Helena DoA Character Mod (Updated)”

  1. I installed some mod and now the skin of all the girls is liminescente and hair colors are just blacks …
    you can do something?

      1. You either have a mod conflict (have in mind I check my IDs with the hsid database, any conflict comes from a more recent mod, so I’m not changing them) or have a 4k mod, I don’t know.

        1. I think I had the same problems when I installed some of the Sexy Beach Premium Resort Outfits into the HS folder. I had to uninstall them one by one to find out what went wrong. When they were deleted, my game came back to normal.
          I’m pretty sure it was them two files made my HS game went wrong with my sample character list disappear and all girls with white skin.

          And a big Thank you to your work Roy12. The Mai Shiranui you made is my current favorite mod. So perfect.

          1. Thanks for the info! I had the same problem… for me, I had to remove

            CharaCustomList_MK.unity3d, CharaCustomList_PO.unity3d,

            After that, my sample characters returned, my skin color was back to normal, and all the girls didn’t have the exact same features.

            Also, echo a thanks to Roy for the mods! You rule.

    1. You installed it but didn’t patch your game correctly with the wide slider patcher. This is even covered in the FAQ I wrote: https://roy12mods.com/wp/frequently-asked-questions/

      “Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of WideSlider (contains a link to the mod’s page) and that it’s installed correctly (read the instructions there for installation instructions).”

      Read the instructions for installing mods before spreading FUD.

  2. Just wan to say thank you for all the hard work and effort.
    I have only ever modded the skin texture for Honey select so I can only imagine how hard all this was for you.

    In any case Past it all I’m happy you gave us Helana theru which I was able to make Lucy.

  3. The hair seems to give off a glitchy shadow, the glitch is visible in your screenshot here as well, other than that this is INCREDIBLE.

  4. dear roy, you done such a great job! well done!
    i had a question
    1. why helena cloth change into normal bikini? do i done something wrong? how i fix it
    2. is there any way to add more H position like 3p/4p/dance?
    thanks for such a great work, i really appreciate

  5. Wow this is great. Not really sure but the expressions feel a bit ‘off’. Do you think you’ll release an updated version like you did with Mai/Nyotengu?

  6. Wow, amazing work once again ROY!
    It’s weird because I was wondering if you will never do a rework on Helana as I was entering xD

  7. Hi Roy, just a less relevant question. Does this mod make helena look more like the original character in DOA? I don’t know why but I feel like the first edition of Helena is not quite as similar as the one in DOA game. Other characters like Tina is so close to the original one. I know nothing about this head mod transplantation but just wonder what is the difference among characters 🙂
    BTW, the newer version looks way much better.

  8. Always thank you very much for your wonderful mod.
    This game could be enjoyed now very much thanks to you.

    I’m happy because this Helena and expression become better.
    It’s very pretty and beautiful.

  9. Great! Next time, would you make character mods of girls in tekken 7 and ana in overwatch? I really want to see them in honey select, please : )

  10. hello,I am from China and my English is not good.
    now I meet a little problem, I did what you said but I can’t find the suit anywhere, I want to what the problem is.
    AND there is a little suggestion, maybe you should put your mods in it, I think it’s easy for you.
    do you know what I mean?
    answer me,please

  11. I am that Chinese guy who ask the full question, sorry man, my mistake, now the game runs well.
    Thank for all you have done! They are perfect, I love these roles so much, really thank your job.

  12. Hi ryo 12 thank you for your great mod!.I’m very happy with your honoka mod.
    I have some problem with this mod and marie mod.
    I try to read FAQ,update the game but haven’t solve the problem yet.
    here is a pic. I think missing something but i can’t figure it out.
    would you please tell me what is the mod that i missing? then i can find and download it.


    1. Either your game is outdated or you didn’t correctly install the mod.

      Update your game or use the 1.10 card.

      If none of that works I’m afraid I have no idea of what’s wrong with your game, sorry.

  13. Wow great mods!! Thanks! Do you know how to give the characters elf ears? I know how to use 3DSMax, any tutorial or links to teach me how to import 3d models to HS? Or is there a way to modify the ears directly here

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