[AI/HS2] Piggy Costume


Zip: roy12_skindentations.zipmod


  • Head Accessory 1
  • Normal Top 1
  • Socks 1
  • Bottom accessory 1
  • Waist accessory


Extract the contents of the folder in your game.

As for the pattern, extract the contents of the 7z in /mods





  • v1:
    • Initial Release

Issue with BP5 belly bulge:

You might get clipping and/or a bad deformation and the belly if you’re using belly bulging with BP5. It’s a problem with most skintight transparent clothes or clothes that don’t use a skin mask. The only solution for now is disabling belly bulging entirely in BP settings. If you still get a bad deformation, open ABMX and reduce the size of the cf_hit_Kosi02_s bone, this happens because I added the same bones bodies have for bulging so the bouncing would sync, and I avoid deformations reducing the radius to 0, but someone still reported to have issues with it and that worked around the problem. There’s no proper solution for now.


Takeda Hiromitsu’s piggy costume from The House of the Beasts.

An old outfit I made for HS. I remade it from scratch since the old one has seen better days. I gave the socks skindentations. Modified the vibe giving it no protrusion. Made a bouncy piggy tail to attach to the vibe or wherever you want.

The top has toggleable skindentation and transparency control.

The ears bounce.

I’m also adding a diamond pattern (attached to this post for now), if you don’t want it, remember to disable/change the pattern I set on the top and socks, since I used it for the coordinate.

Other mods used in the screenshot are my first Skindentation mod and my second accessory pack.

Have fun!