[AI&HS2] Skindentation Accessories


Zip: roy12_skindentations.zipmod


  • Waist Accessory x4
  • Socks x5


Put the zipmod in /mods



  • v1.01:
    • Added another skindentation accessory
    • Added 5 skindentation thigh high socks (they’re just socks, they don’t need accessories).
  • v1.001:
    • Small change to improve the look of Skindentation Legs 00.
  • v1:
    • Initial Release


First thing first, make sure to read the requirements, you need the CopyChaBodyMat plugin for this, otherwise all you’ll get is pink/white/gray blobs. You also need Hooah, since this is made of skinned accessories, wasting a clothing slot on this defeats its purpose, which is to use it with socks or gloves. I also really recommend using AdditionalAccessoryControls’ Visibility Rules to pair them to whatever gloves and/or socks the girl is using.

Note you can use as many as you want, but as of now I’ve only covered two sock types and one gloves type. I will add more later.

So being the skindentation lover I am, I was very disappointed about the existing solution for that, since it doesn’t allow breasts to bounce and also changed the body so it changes the uncensor. I tried doing fake skindentation using detail normal maps and it looked absolutely underwhelming. Then it occurred to me I can use skinned accessories and modified pieces of the body to instead of replacing the body, just add the parts I need, correctly aligned and with seams fixed and then copy the body material to these manually. This worked, but just copying the material from the body to these also required exporting the body texture and reimporting on the accessories, and didn’t work with wetness, gloss or cum.

Then came essu to the rescue, and he quickly made a plugin to not just do the copy automatically, but it’s such a copy that any changes you do to the original material instance of the body are reflected on the copies, allowing for a seamless experience, you just put the accessories and they work, and wetness, gloss and cum work, both in AI and HS2, and both in Game and in Studio. So go thank him, really, I just did the mesh work, he did the cool tech.