[HS2] Ayane

Read the requirements section, please.


If you want SSS: See this guide if you don’t know what to do with SSS textures.


Drop the contents of the 7z into your HS2 install folder.

Same for any updates.


Load any of the included cards wherever you want.


Delete her cards.

Then remove this file:

  • mods/[Roy12][HS2]Ayane.zipmod


  • 1.1: Updated to use essu’s HeadBundleRedirector
  • Initial version.


Additional Comments:

HS2 version of the AI mod.

It requires a specific release for HS2 since some things changed that made the AI mods not compatible with HS2. This only applies to heads.

Head mods will require specific neck seam fixes for HS2, as the neck seam also changed from AI to HS2, that will eventually come in the form of an update.