[PH] Breast Mole Textures for PlayHome

Requires plasticmind’s PlayHome Custom Texture Patch to work.

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File: cf_t_tattoo_b_roy12_00


  • 271911
  • 271912
  • 271913
  • 271914


Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your PH main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.


You can find the breast moles in the Body Tattoo category.


Delete the coordinate file.

Remove these files:

  • abdata\customtexture\cf_t_tattoo_b_roy12_00

Version History:

Initial release

Known Issues:

  • Depending on the scaling of the breasts it can be smaller or bigger, that area gets a lot of stretching. This can’t be fixed, but it shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance.
  • No thumbnails in the tattoos list. This is better left as is until a framework like the one in the trial is released, where we can have thumbnails as external files.

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41 thoughts on “[PH] Breast Mole Textures for PlayHome”

        1. It was there from the beginning because heads were separate assets and loadable from lists, just like any other item in the game.

          PH has the heads list hardcoded and the head assets in the main resources file.

      1. play home is the same as play club. but the feels of element its that of a rapelay game. 2daugther one mother this time the mother invite the guy in not knowing that hes is a child raper

  1. Haven’t played PH yet, but I know this is going to be worth investing into. I just wish Illusion would develope more variety in addition to good modders like you Roy. I’m glad you’re getting your feet wet right now, and I hope you have an easy time porting or transitioning your HS mods into PH. Kinda feel like you should be a full time developer for Illusion, maybe you can work with others and go your own route someday.

  2. Yeessss, Soul Calibur hotties, ESPECIALLY Seung Mina, please! Can’t wait until you port your HS girls to Play Home. Is it just me though, or does Play Home look exactly the same as Honey Select? I guess the rendering is a tiny bit smoother? Also, anyone know how to make the girl’s eyes / head look at the camera during sex, like in Honey Select? That feature is SO key!

      1. I’m a game programmer and I want nothing more than to allow you to continue your wonderful modding with Play Home, the pinnacle of Illusion graphics. That would be a tragedy to just give up now! There must be a way. Please let me help. Can we talk more about the limitations ( you said the heads were hardcoded, what do you mean exactly?) And your process and see how I can help? We’ll figure it out, dont worry!

        1. The heads list is hardcoded in the Assembly-CSharp binary.

          The head prefabs are inside the main resources.assets file.

          A way to load them from external files and lists is necessary. And even if it gets done, it needs to be tested quite a bit.

          There’s also that SB3U doesn’t know what the MonoBehaviours inside the head prefabs are.

          1. Ah I see. I’m a C++ / UE4 guy by profession but if I could take a look at the code maybe I’ll have some ideas. What’s the easiest way for me to do so? Can you use a disassembler to decompile the library that you’re talking about and see the code? And how would you do the equivalent for the resources.assets file?

  3. Playhome it have better graphics and textures than Honey Select . I think the update is necesary for everyone is just my opiniรณn. But anyone decides. Good luck and thanxs for all your great mods are you maked roy. But update some caracters of dead or alive depends of us of you โœŒ

  4. Weird, when i try honey selects cards on playhome, i get a bit of the character transfered, but trying to do the same with your cards make the game load a bald character and i can’t load another character after that. Do you have an idea why ?

      1. Part of them works, unless you mean something else by mod.
        The problem is mostly that if i load one of your card and only one of yours, i can’t load any other cards anymore. It just load a bald character even though other cards worked before

        1. My character mods don’t work in PlayHome, stop trying to install them in PlayHome, it doesn’t work, it will never work, it’s a different game, it’s not a HoneySelect update, my character mods require the abdata folder for a reason.

          I’m not answering any more comments of anyone trying to load ANY HoneySelect mod in PlayHome, I already put a piece of text saying so in the left links bar.

  5. I tried decompiling some files in the playhome directory but didnt know which one is relevant to the problem. Most were libraries with generic microsoft or Unity related code. The PlayHome64.exe couldnt be decompiled at all. Can you tell me the exact file name that has the heads list and where inside of that file is the list?

  6. So I’m looking through the decompiled project (I used ILSpy). Head.cs seems to give access to what you would need to load your custom heads. I also found the code I need to change to make the girls head and eyes look at the camera. One question.

    After I change c# code inside the project that was unpacked with ILSpy, how do I recompile it so it still works with the actual game?

    1. The best way is looking for a way to patch it to avoid replacing the DLL and deleting any other mods the user might have patched in it.

      I have no recommendations on this though, since I’ve never done it.

  7. You produce some top quality clothing mods for honey select.

    Will you be porting the honey select costumes to playhome? If so, may I request a version of Vella’s half top with symmetric sleeves? (both short and long versions)

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

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