[PH] Breast Mole Textures for PlayHome

Requires plasticmind’s PlayHome Custom Texture Patch to work.

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File: cf_t_tattoo_b_roy12_00


  • 271911
  • 271912
  • 271913
  • 271914


Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your PH main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.


You can find the breast moles in the Body Tattoo category.


Delete the coordinate file.

Remove these files:

  • abdata\customtexture\cf_t_tattoo_b_roy12_00

Version History:

Initial release

Known Issues:

  • Depending on the scaling of the breasts it can be smaller or bigger, that area gets a lot of stretching. This can’t be fixed, but it shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance.
  • No thumbnails in the tattoos list. This is better left as is until a framework like the one in the trial is released, where we can have thumbnails as external files.

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