[HS][Request] Kasumi’s Blue Kimono

YOU’LL NEED MORESLOTID FOR IT TO SHOW UP AT ALL (here or here) and also need GGMOD for the heels

Kasumi’s Outfit

CustomList: roy12_kasumi_01.unity3d


  • Normal Top (F) 205924964
  • Gloves 212924096
  • Socks 214924091
  • Shoes (F) 215915202

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

The coordinate is only for 1.2, for 1.1 users please just set the outfit in their respective sections of the character maker.


Delete the coordinate file.

Remove these files:

  • abdata\List\characustom\roy12_kasumi_01.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mod\kasumi_*.unity3d

The * being anything that comes after the underscore and before the dot.

Version History:

Initial release

[Direct Download]

[Baidu Mirror]

Password for the archive: CFfvV\6/8rDPqk3M

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