Posts taken down, moving Blog

Hello guys,

I’ve got another DMCA takedown notice, which took down most of the posts.

They even took down the Sexy Evening Dress. Funny shit, you can suck my balls Eric Green.

So I’m moving the whole thing to my own site. Expect a new post with the new site linked.


One thought on “Posts taken down, moving Blog”

  1. John Z. says:
    October 24, 2017 at 3:10 am
    Hi. This is my first time to download like this. Game looks great all parts work except for 2 issues i know i did but not how i did it. The download and upload areas keep disconnecting as soon as I get to them. This may be because of my tremendous and stupefying speeds that are provided by my isp after i reach my monthly limit. 1/2 mbps.

    But the REAL issue is the girls get to the game alright and there bodies appear to be right and the clothes but their faces are all the same and really plain. Also, their hair is short but the same color as the character was intended to have.
    I also have them in Studio but not Studio Neo. They show up the same way in Character Maker. I unzipped everything as best I could according to instructions but, hell, I’m not sure. I have most of the character info, clothes and cards in user data in HS. Thats all I can think of. Has anyone had this issue before? I would really appreciate any ideas at all. Thanks, John.

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