[HS] Momiji DoA Character Mod

  • Updated 2017-01-03 (improved textures, face morphs, weighting fixes for ponytail, added her own cheeks makeup).

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REQUIREMENT: You’ll need Wide Slider. Else you’ll get something like this.

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head 200006
  • HairB 201170
  • HairF 202175
  • Eyes 254725
  • Eyebrow 251170
  • Eyelashes 252170
  • Eyeshadow 253701
  • Face Texture 250170
  • Lips 257104
  • Cheeks 256052




Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.


You can either put her card in a room, or load her appearance to a new character (I included the card).

Same for Update 01.

Same for Update 02, but reload her appearance from the new card to see the changes.

If you get a white face with purple lashes after installing, please redownload and reinstall the mod.

Remove these files:

  • abdataListcharacustomroy12_momiji_00.unity3d
  • abdataChararoy12_momiji*


– Update 02: Improved diffuse and specular textures and added cheeks makeup overlay. Improved morphs for the face, no longer so extreme. Fixed her ponytail so it doesn’t bend in weird ways, it has better weighting and animates better over all.

– Update 01: Removed neck seam.

– Initial version.

Known Issues:

  • The hair ponytail can clip a bit through the body with some poses since I’ve not found how to modify the collision, if that’s even possible. If you’re posing you can probably fix that with the additional bones mod.


Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

Direct Download:


 [Old textures (optional, requested)]

15 thoughts on “[HS] Momiji DoA Character Mod”

  1. Am I crazy, or does her mouth move even less with this improved version? Maybe she was always this way?

    It seems like there’s very little difference in her expressions. Compared to Roy12’s Mai, for example.

    1. They’re less extreme, so they move less, but sometimes more doesn’t mean better. Extreme morphs just don’t look good on these faces. However, these morphs move other parts of the face besides the mouth, like the cheeks and such.

      1. “extreme morphs just don’t look good on these faces”

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that on the vanilla models. :\

  2. Sorry if this is a naive question, but how would i be able to modify the face ? Let’s say make the lips a bit fuller or change the lipstick color ? Changing these options in game seems to have zero effect ? I have 4k skin, but that would affect the lipstick and not face morphing would it ? Sorry for the trouble…
    On another note your work is awesome, congratulations 🙂 !!! Keep it up !! 😀

      1. Oh i see… So it’s kinda of locked ? Or created with something else and imported in game ? Would you mind pointing me what software would be needed to do what you do, it seems really interesting !!!

          1. Thanks a lot man ! 🙂 It seems i have a lot of work to do, since i know nothing of blender and these stuff. But i like messing with new stuff so i’ll give a try 😀 Thanks again !

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