[HS] Momiji DoA Character Mod (UPDATED 08/06/2017)

REQUIREMENT: You’ll need Wide Slider. Else you’ll get something like this.

Slot/IDs used:

  • Face Type (F) 250170
  • Head Type (F) 200006
  • Eyebrow (F) 251170
  • Eyelash 252170
  • Hair Back 201170
  • Hair Back 201222
  • Hair Front 202175
  • Lip Type 257104
  • Eye (F) 254725
  • Eye Shadow 253701
  • Cheek Color 256052




Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Then get the cards that correspond to your game’s version.


You can either put her cards in a room, or load her appearance to a new character.

Same for any updates.


First remove the girl’s cards. Then remove these files:

  • abdata\List\chara\custom\roy12_momiji_00.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_momiji\*



  • Improved diffuse (actually albedo) map again, softer now, makes Momiji look cuter.
  • Reviewed the expressions, now she actually opens her mouth.
  • Added her other hair.
  • Fixed the ponytail bones a bit.
  • Fixed previous hair textures.
  • Small fix for normal map.
  • Didn’t need to remake the UV.
  • Added ability to modify head wideness.
  • Removed scalp from albedo map and made it a hair part.


  • Improved diffuse and specular textures.
  • Added cheeks makeup overlay.
  • Improved morphs for the face, no longer so extreme.
  • Fixed her ponytail so it doesn’t bend in weird ways, it has better weighting and animates better over all.


  • Removed neck seam.

– Initial version.

Known Issues:

  • The hair ponytail can clip a bit through the body with some poses since I’ve not found how to modify the collision, if that’s even possible. If you’re posing you can probably fix that with the additional bones mod.


Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

Direct Download:


[Baidu Mirror]


For 1.2:


For 1.1:


 [Old textures (optional, requested, should still be compatible with current version, experiment at your own risk)]

35 thoughts on “[HS] Momiji DoA Character Mod (UPDATED 08/06/2017)”

  1. Am I crazy, or does her mouth move even less with this improved version? Maybe she was always this way?

    It seems like there’s very little difference in her expressions. Compared to Roy12’s Mai, for example.

    1. They’re less extreme, so they move less, but sometimes more doesn’t mean better. Extreme morphs just don’t look good on these faces. However, these morphs move other parts of the face besides the mouth, like the cheeks and such.

      1. “extreme morphs just don’t look good on these faces”

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that on the vanilla models. :\

  2. Sorry if this is a naive question, but how would i be able to modify the face ? Let’s say make the lips a bit fuller or change the lipstick color ? Changing these options in game seems to have zero effect ? I have 4k skin, but that would affect the lipstick and not face morphing would it ? Sorry for the trouble…
    On another note your work is awesome, congratulations 🙂 !!! Keep it up !! 😀

      1. Oh i see… So it’s kinda of locked ? Or created with something else and imported in game ? Would you mind pointing me what software would be needed to do what you do, it seems really interesting !!!

          1. Thanks a lot man ! 🙂 It seems i have a lot of work to do, since i know nothing of blender and these stuff. But i like messing with new stuff so i’ll give a try 😀 Thanks again !

    1. But I don’t even know why you have two of them. Just order by date of modification in your cards folder and delete the oldest one I guess.

      1. Bro, in the zip (link) card and screen are from 2016-10-07

        Card (2016-10-07)

        Screen (2016-10-07)

        Now you have this… “Updated 2017-01-03 (improved textures, face morphs, weighting fixes for ponytail, added her own cheeks makeup)” and the screen here is from 2017-01-03, the same day from you updated. https://roy12mods.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/HoneyStudio_64-2017-01-03-01-59-19-37.jpg now i check my folder (i download you old link) and i have this https://s19.postimg.org/71sa80n03/sdsdsd.jpg

        so… ¿You put the old momiji from 2016 in the download link?

        pd: sorry my bad english.

        1. The file in the 7zip is a png modified on april 08 of this year because I made some adjustments to her body and fixed the eyes issue with DoF:


          Check the modified date, the game doesn’t update cards names when it modifies them.

          I also went to my chara_old folder (before 1.20 updated them) and it’s the same one as in the 7z.

          So no, it’s the updated card, it just has a name that says 2016.

  3. She’s not showing up for me i have all the files in the correct location and correct cards but shes not ingame.

    1. Are you sure? Because I’ve seen a lot of people say they extracted it correctly and it turns out they didn’t.

      If you are, check your game’s log for errors.

      1. Ohh mister is answering my worthless comment
        Thank you for making all of this mod, you made our lives a better lives

        Just wondering about her skin color and eye design, it’s a bit different from the card. Then again most of in-game design aren’t even the same with their respective card.

        1. That’s just because I’m using the graphics patch from plasticmind. You seem to not be using it, I suggest you get it, since it makes things look less bloomy.

  4. Hello,
    I appear to be unable to load or install the custom character.
    I have the Wide slider mod and used IPA patch, and placed the files in the folders.

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