[SBPR] Tina’s Mantle Bikini

My favorite DoA girl is Tina, and I love the swimsuit they got for her in DoA 5.

– My swimsuits custom list, download here, then extract in your game’s folder.
This mod adds a standalone swimsuit, which means, it doesn’t replace any vanilla assets.
This uses the ID 209100, so if you have any other standalone mod using that ID, read the readme inside the custom list download to know what to change.
UPDATE 15/11/2015: Uploaded an update that fixes problems with hair. Fixes some clipping too.
– Extract my swimsuits custom list in your game folder.
– Extract the swimsuit in your game’s folder.
– Remove abdataChararoy12_sw03.unity3d.
– Remove abdataListCharaCustomCharaCustomList_R1.unity3d if you want to remove all my swimsuit entries from your game.
– Add collar as accesory.
– Somehow finish my high heel system for the high heels.



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