[SBPR] Motoko Kusanagi’s Outfit from GitS SAC

UPDATE: Fixed the swimsuit and hairs causing a crash in Story Mode. 



This is something I’ve been working a lot on, even though most of it is just edits of existing assets.
It’s Motoko Kusanagi’s outfit (or something that looks like it?) from Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex.


back front jeans
megane_front megane_side

I’ve also thrown in some extra stuff she sometimes wears in the anime, like the glasses and adapted some white jeans from Play Club, because I was planning to make something like the outfit she wears in part of 2nd GIG, but I’ve been losing motivation lately because the game is so boring and the poser just sucks.
Swimsuit: The outfit is just a bunny outfit cut out a bit with a heavily edited black thong. The lower part shows a bit too much with some uncensors. Whoops. You can enable or disable the belt with the “option” check in the character maker. The top is color-able.
Waist: I also included a belt that works like an accessory, so it doesn’t bend with bones, but it clips more with stuff of course. Simply disable the belt on the swimsuit and use this one if you want to.
Gauntlets: Adapted/edited leather gauntlets from Play Club.
Glasses: I made these from scratch. Not very hard to do anyways. They’re color-able and work like any other glasses, though you might need to adjust them a bit of course.
Socks: Cyber socks modified with white texture and made color-able.
Shoes: The shoes come from the online FPS game that came out recently. They require the ggmod high heels system.
Swimsuit Bottom: White jeans, I took them from Play Club too. These might clip a bit or a lot depending on what you use them with.
Used CustomList: CharaCustomList_MK.unity3d
Used IDs:

ID Name Path
352605 Futuristic Glasses chara/roy12_glasses_00.unity3d
357501 Motoko’s Belt chara/roy12_waist_00.unity3d
212511 Black Leather Gloves chara/roy12_gloves_f_01.unity3d
215600 Combat Boots chara/roy12_sho04.unity3d
214537 Cyber Socks (Color) chara/roy12_soc02.unity3d
209105 Motoko’s Top chara/roy12_swimsuit_08.unity3d
211514 Denim Jeans (Color) chara/roy12_swbot_00.unity3d
210510 Coat (Color) chara/roy12_swimtops_00.unity3d
206531 White Jeans (Color) chara/roy12b_02.unity3d
201542 MotokoHair chara/roy12_hair_f_02_b.unity3d
201543 MotokoHair(2) chara/roy12_hair_f_03_b.unity3d

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