[AI/HS2] Nora Estheim

Read the requirements section, please.


To use SSS all you need is to set the shader with ME, nothing else.


Drop the contents of the 7z into your HS2 install folder.

Same for any updates.


Load any of the included cards wherever you want or use the preset added by this mod (doesn’t load the hair!).


Delete her cards.

Then remove this file:

  • mods/roy12/[Roy12][AI]Nora.zipmod

Delete her cards.

Then remove this file:

  • mods/roy12/[Roy12][HS2]Casca.zipmod


  • Initial version for AI/HS2.




SSS Cards:

Since some people get confused by the SSS cards (i.e. don’t have next gen installed or don’t like the blue noise hair shader) I’m now adding these optionally here. Remember to open the original image and save as.

Additional Comments:

Qt mommy from FF13 wasted in a few minutes from being introduced. What a shame.

She uses the vanilla head UV, so she can use vanilla makeup, face details, moles, etc. Ear and mouth sliders work. To use Next Gen she doesn’t require you to set anything other than the Next Gen material now.

Make sure your ABMX is 4.1 minimum, as it introduced position/rotation modifying for bones! I used it to fix her eyes rotations.

Remember you can use vanilla hairs with all girls so far given that you modify the bone cf_J_ScalpLength_S with ABMX’s advanced window, along with all the other bones in the included CustomBonesList.txt. Guide here.

The optional skin can be toggled by selecting the skin type and strength in the character maker.

Make sure you have all the requirements mentioned, otherwise you will run into issues.

Have fun!