[HS] Sarah from FFXV

Read the requirements section, please

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head Type (F) 200972075
  • Eyebrow (F) 251972240
  • Eyelash 252972237
  • Face Type (F) 250972247
  • Lip Type 257972252
  • Eye Shadow 253972259
  • Cheek Color 256972120
  • Hair Back 201921276
  • Eyeball 254972799





First, make sure you have MoreSlotID at least on version 1.3. If you have an older version, update it or the mod won’t work. See higher in the post for a link to MoreSlotID 1.3. Thanks to lwlin for the update.

Then download the main mod and extract the abdata folder of the main download into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Optionally, get ABM if you want the neck tweak to work.

Same for any updates.

Only main game and studio NEO are supported.


You can either put her card in a room, or load her appearance to a new character.


Delete her card (and txt files if you have any from ABM).

Then remove these files:

  • abdata/List/characustom/roy12_sarahff_00.unity3d

Remove the folder

  • abdata/Chara/roy12_ sarahff


  • Initial version.

[Direct Download]


Password for the file:


Additional Comments:

A really sweet and delicate looking girl, though not really my type, but oh well.

I had to use Additional Bone Mod to increase the length of her neck, so some blowjob scenes can look broken (not all).

Also, I found a way to make the mouth move better when girls are talking. But I’m only going to implement this in AI Shoujo, as going back to every girl in HS is not something I’d like to do.

Next girl is Ultimecia, as Kanna I already decided I’ll leave for AI Shoujo, since more than one modder has added her to HS, there’s no point for me to do so too.

Also, I’m sorry it took this long, but not only have I been busy with work, but I’ve also been working on stuff for AI Shoujo (more than one thing, but one of them is very WIP), and I’ve also been with health problems (nothing mortal) so all these things have been eating at my time.

She doesn’t have custom bones, since I had to create a rigify armature for her mouth, and I don’t have the slightest idea of how to properly merge and export that to Unity (yet?). She does have her mouth rigged to a bone that allows for better mouth expressions though, so eh.