[HS] Yshtola

Read the requirements section, please

Slot/IDs used:

  • Head Type (F) 200972071
  • Eyebrow (F) 251972236
  • Eyelash 252972233
  • Face Type (F) 250972243
  • Lip Type 257972248
  • Eye Shadow 253972255
  • Cheek Color 256972116
  • Hair Back 201921272
  • Eyeball 254972795
  • Head Accessory 350933312





First, make sure you have MoreSlotID at least on version 1.3. If you have an older version, update it or the mod won’t work. See higher in the post for a link to MoreSlotID 1.3. Thanks to lwlin for the update. Also an up to date BonesFramework is required.

Then download the main mod and extract the abdata folder of the main download into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Optionally, get ABM if you want to customize her face shape.

Same for any updates.

Only main game and studio NEO are supported.


You can either put her card in a room, or load her appearance to a new character.


Delete her card (and txt files if you have any from ABM).

Then remove these files:

  • abdata/List/characustom/roy12_yshtola_00.unity3d

Remove the folder

  • abdata/Chara/roy12_ yshtola


  • Initial version.

[Direct Download]


Password for the file:


Additional Comments:

Here’s Yshtola.

I wanted to make the ears move along the expressions, but sadly, if I made it brows, I had to merge the brows texture with the ears texture, which would bug them when changing the brows texture and would make it impossible to mask the skin part of the ears so that they can have their own color. If I made them eyelashes, I had the same problem.

So I made the ears accessories with dynamic bones.

By design, she has no human ears, so I don’t recommend changing hairs unless you don’t mind the strange look or the hair you’re replacing with covers the ears area.

I included an ABM text file with a small head height modification, because characters in FF have seriously long necks. Using it will make blowjobs and kisses clip terribly though, so it’s up to you if you want to use it or not.

She has custom bones as usual to use them with ABM and/or HSPE. Most of the cheek bones were useless though, so I couldn’t give these scale parents.

List of custom bones to use with ABM and/or HSPE:
head jaw
head chin
head jaw upper side 1.L
head jaw upper side 1.R
head tongue 1
head tongue 2
head tongue 3
head mouth lower middle
head mouth lower side 1.L
head mouth lower side 1.R
head mouth lower side 2.L
head mouth lower side 2.R
head jaw lower side.L
head jaw lower side.R
head lip lower middle
head lip corner side lower.L
head lip corner side lower.R
head lip lower side.L
head lip lower side.R
head jaw upper side 2.L
head jaw upper side 2.R
head mouth upper side 2.L
head cheek side 3.L
head cheek side 3.R
head cheek side 2.L
head cheek side 2.R
head cheek side 1.L
head cheek side 1.R
head cheek side 8.L
head cheek side 8.R
head cheek side 9.L
head cheek side 9.R
head cheek side 7.L
head cheek side 7.R
head cheek side 6.L
head cheek side 6.R
head cheek side 4.L
head cheek side 4.R
head jaw side 5.L
head jaw side 5.R
head mouth upper side 2.R
head eyebrow center
head temple side.L
head temple side.R
head forehead side 1.L
head forehead side 1.R
head forehead side 2.L
head forehead side 2.R
head eyebrow side 1.L
head eyebrow side 2.L
head eyebrow side 3.L
head eyebrow side 1.R
head eyebrow side 2.R
head eyebrow side 3.R
head eyelid side upper 1.R
head eyelid side upper 2.R
head eyelid side upper 3.R
head eyelid side upper 1.L
head eyelid side upper 2.L
head eyelid side upper 3.L
head eyelid side lower 1.R
head eyelid side lower 2.R
head eyelid side lower 3.R
head eyelid side lower 1.L
head eyelid side lower 2.L
head eyelid side lower 3.L
head eyelid side corner outer.R
head eyelid side corner outer.L
head eyelid side corner inner.R
head eyelid side corner inner.L
head eyelid side upper outer 1.R
head eyelid side upper outer 2.R
head eyelid side upper outer 3.R
head eyelid side upper outer 1.L
head eyelid side upper outer 2.L
head eyelid side upper outer 3.L
head nostril side.L
head nostril side.R
head nose tip
head nose side.L
head nose side.R
head nose lower side.L
head nose lower side.R
head eyelid side under 3.R
head eyelid side under 2.R
head eyelid side under 1.R
head eyelid side under 3.L
head eyelid side under 2.L
head eyelid side under 1.L
head mouth upper side 1.L
head mouth upper side 1.R
head lip upper middle
head lip upper side.L
head lip upper side.R
head lip corner side upper.L
head lip corner side upper.R
head lip corner side.L
head lip corner side.R
head chin under side.L
head chin under side.R
head chin under middle

The ones with a _S prefix can be used to scale or symmetrically “translate” parts of her face.