[HS] Gyaru Dancer Outfit (Updated)

Bit of blogging, feel free to skip.

It’s finally done.

I based this outfit on the last picture in the gallery. Source here.


UPDATE: I’ve updated the whole thing.

Now the waist belt rings use a normal map, as well as the armlet. I also made it so that you can color almost everything, and almost everything can be colorable (some things have a subcolor), I made my own shader though, so intensity doesn’t work (but physically it shouldn’t since the levels of the specular color are what should define if it’s metallic or not, so that’s ‘kay). So now you can color the jewels too.

The necklaces are now all separate. You can now decide if you don’t want to use the colored one. That one also looks better now though.

Finally, I also added some shoes I planned to release a long time ago (so much that the asset bundle for them is named differently of how I name things now). These shoes are high heeled sandals from when I was making an experiment to see if I could make them behave like actual sandals, so when the girl rotates her ankles, the back of the sandals stay down as if because of gravity. It kinda works, but has some clipping here and there because of what I had to do to make it behave this way. It’s probably pretty good for posing. These sandals are a heavily edited shoe from Zeaska (yes, I asked him permission to release it) from a time when I didn’t have much of a clue about modeling and I had made new textures for them besides just editing the model, but I gave them better textures today to better match these shaders and my current stuff.

Now, have in mind that to be able to make things have a subcolor, I had to sacrifice compatibility with HS 1.1. So don’t get the update if you’re stuck in it. It also requires MoreSlotID now because of the necklaces and the shoes using new slots.


There are some differences, namely in the hand bracelet, the earrings and the overall scale of the waist belt. Some were in purpose, others because I still suck at scaling reference. Whoops.

All the stuff that should bounce, bounces. I created new armatures for each accessory, I only based myself on the root of existing ones, but the bone chains are new, and they bounce very nicely.

The necklace could use some work in that department though, and I’m planning to separate it later. I also tried making the multicolored necklace glow in the dark by doubling the RGB color values. Let me know if that even works well for you, I might make it go back to looking like plastic again though.

Also, the gems in the nipple piercings, the necklace and the earrings are using this custom shader. Feel free to copy it from the asset bundle and use it wherever you want to.

This was quite fun, I pretty much learned a lot about armatures with this, and I’m actually quite pleased with how it turned out.


Blogging ends here.

CustomList: roy12_ss09.unity3d


  • Waist Accessory 357914
  • Swimsuit 209910
  • Chest Accessory 356901
  • Neck Accessory 354914
  • Neck Accessory 354920203
  • Neck Accessory 354920204
  • Hand Accessory 360914
  • Ear Accessory 351914
  • Arm Accessory 359914
  • Shoes (F) 215915207

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Remove these files:
abdata/Chara/roy12_mod/gyaru_dancer_*.unity3d and roy12_ggmod_02.unity3d

The * being anything that comes after the underscore and before the dot.

Version History:

  • Initial release

Known Issues:

  • The necklaces clips a lot with certain poses. But now you can move them separately.
  • The small chains and medals on the waist belt can clip a bit with the legs. I tried my best to make it not do so without losing the bouncing effect.
  • Scaling some items in the Z axis might make them look separated.

[Direct Download]

[Baidu Mirror]


(Old version)

(Old version baidu)

Also, coordinate card for HS 1.10:

34 thoughts on “[HS] Gyaru Dancer Outfit (Updated)”

  1. thx roy, ah is there a plan to make a doa outfit for each of your doa characters. i mean their own popular outfit.?

  2. Roy I say it every time and mean it, you do impressive work. Hope to see some more work like this with DOA cloths. Do you still plan to do the girls alternate hair styles like Helena’s braided one?

  3. This is the fucking best. I love these slut outfits. You’re a god.

    I wish I could post on Patreon but I’m kind of a thing there and I don’t know how to go incognito, if you even can.

    1. No. The look of my game comes from plasticmind’s graphic patch. Note you can use it without using the 4k textures. The custom shader is only so that gems have proper reflection.

  4. Loving these outfits. Thank you!

    I’m curious if you can continue more outfits from the Mizuryu Kei Land series… Especially the Idol outfits and the details of having used condoms as trophies around their belt. =)

  5. Hye Roy! Can you somehow take a request? If you do and can, can you make Shielder (Mashu) swimsuit from FGO to HS? Thanks!

  6. could you please port quiet over from metal gear solid. The current quiet modal’s face looks NOTHING like her. This character needs to be on honeyselect

  7. I’d recognize Momofuki Rio’s artstyle anywhere. You picked a good artist to reference, and the outfit is fantastic. Now I know I’ve gotta try recreating Galko’s sister wearing this in HS.

  8. stop asking roy12 to make street fighter 5 character he doesn’t want to or i could be wrong but the point is that street fighter 5 use cell shade honey select dont have that so i dont think that’s possible and chun li look freaking scary with that big ass thigh

    im going to pass this its to expose . to expose is not very sexy at leas for me or a very small line bikini

    1. That’s normal. Read the tldr section about what I wanted to pull off with them. I might make some normal ones with no attempt for faked gravity later.

  9. I can’t thanks enough for what you have done for us.
    All I can do is to say “Thank you”. God bless you, Roy.

    1. No, sorry, you won’t see me doing/porting any more normal outfits, unless one of the final two requests involves one. My stuff is sexy wear only.

  10. Fantastic, Roy!!!!

    But… could I make a “small request”? Should not be hard to make.

    Could you add the “3 necklaces in one”, like in the first version, for those who maybe would want to use them together without using 3 slots and using just one?

    I mean, all them separately, and then also the “3 neclaces together”.

    Thanks in advance.

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