DLC Fixes

Hello guys.

I just finished fixing my character mods for the DLC. That said, DO NOT GET THESE IF YOU HAVE NOT INSTALLED YESTERDAY’S DLC/UPDATE, since these conflicts and issues only appeared in it, and cards in the DLC are not retro-compatible. Also, if you don’t see the character here, it means it went through without issues.

First than nothing, get the updated Wide Slider for the new version of the game:

Temporal link for Wide Slider until HF goes up again:


If you install and patch the game with WideSlider before starting it for the first time, the cards transfer smoothly. Try that first, if it works, you only need Tina and Christie, since these two haveĀ  ID conflicts.

If you didn’t install Wideslider before starting the game for the first time, you can just move the cards from UserData\chara_old to UserData\chara and open the game againĀ  (already patched with wideslider).

This is a quickie before I update the actual archives.

Characters that require replacing lists:


For the next section, this shouldn’t be necessary, but here’s the cards if for some reason the game doesn’t convert them correctly after installing Wide Slider.

Characters that only require replacing cards. Only get them if you didn’t patch the game (and Studios) with wideslider before starting them for the first time:

(open the image first in the browser, else you’ll be saving the thumbnail, then save them as a picture to the chara\female directory, it will replace the old one)

Now I’m gonna fix the one accessory I have conflicting. Already fixed.

See you.

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