[KK] Lusamine and Takumi Pack (Solved conflict with hair DLC)

The only requirement is BepInEx  and its Plugins so that the sliders work correctly.

Hey guys.

I wanted to check out how things worked in Koikatu, so I made a hair and a half (edited the other half) and some face overlays (for Takumi). The rest is all in the sliders (and BepInEx Slider Unlocker).

The range of face styles we can do is huge from what I’ve tried. And the cel shading is pretty nice even if it’s no Guilty Gear Xrd level.

Here’s a freebie, it’s what I’ve been doing to check out what could be done in KK. I made Lusamine’s hair basing myself on one of Ikuchan’s drawings (much sexier), and Takumi’s (TSF Monogatari) front hair, then edited one of the back hairs to remove the stuff at the root of the hair so that the forehead is completely exposed as in the source pic I used from ShindoL’s website.

I also figured out how the overlays work, I made some for Takumi since that style wasn’t available, and some eyes. Lusamine didn’t need any additional textures.



Have fun!


01/05/2018 (v1.10): Solved conflict with hair DLC

30/04/2018 (v1.00): Updated for main game (now will work correctly in maps)