[HS] Mai Shiranui DoA Character Mod (UPDATED)

REQUIREMENT: You’ll need Wide Slider from now. Else you’ll get something like this. 4K patch by HanmenNoAsura available (only compatible with face B).

Alright, she’s updated, and at least her new face looks better overall.

A comparison and a screenshot of the fixed hair:

Slot/IDs used:

  • Face Type (F) 250171
  • Face Type (F) 250172
  • Head Type (F) 200007
  • Head Type (F) 200008
  • Eyebrow (F) 251171
  • Eyelash 252171
  • Hair Back 201180
  • Hair Front 202185
  • Eye (F) 254735
  • Lip Type 257184
  • Lip Type 257206
  • Eye Shadow 253191
  • Eye Shadow 253213
  • Cheek Color 256053

Extract the abdata folder from the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Then download the cards for your respective version of the game. Extract the UserData folder from the 7z into your HS main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.
You can either put her card(s) in a room, or load her appearance to a new character (I included the card). Remember you need Wide Slider (>0.8 if using Party DLC) to have her look right.


First remove her cards from your game.

Then remove these files:

  • abdata\List\characustom\roy12_mai_00.unity3d
  • abdata\Chara\roy12_mai\*.unity3d


Version 1.2:

  • New head type added, with her original shape. Looks better to me.
  • The new head type uses very different textures on a very different UV map, so it’s not compatible with the 4k patch. These textures are a bit nicer and the specular is smoother.
  • The new head type also uses very different morphs, they’re less exaggerated. Ahegao is still ahegao though.
  • I removed the scalp for the new head type. It’s now at the hair, like with most recent girls. It clips a bit with the neck though, expect a small fix for that later.
  • Renamed her old head type with an added (B). That old head is still compatible with the 4k patch and uses the same slot. Old cards should work correctly.
  • Fixed her ponytail bones, it should bend much better now, very useful for hair posing in Studio NEO.
  • Her hair textures look much better now.
  • Modified her eye texture from scratch. The pupil is now smaller. The borders of the iris are a bit darker now.
  • Replaced the sclera shadow texture with the one she should had been using from the start. Looks better.
  • Applied the same fix as the 4k mod for the eye highlight, no more mirrored highlights here. This applies for both head types.

Version 1.1:

  • Fixes eyes going blurry with DoF turned on.

Version 1.01:

  • Fixes eyes going white when looking far right/left.

Initial version.

Known Issues:

  • None so far.

Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

Cards for version 1.10:
Cards for version 1.20:
[4K Patch by HanmenNoAsura] (Only compatible with Face Type (B))

169 thoughts on “[HS] Mai Shiranui DoA Character Mod (UPDATED)”

    1. Hi, Roy,I have a questions want to ask you. I was already install the wide slider but her eyes still purple color 😐 I hope you have any idea to help me fix this 🙏

  1. Aw crap. Well, I found a fix, it has to do with the SetRenderQueue. The weird thing is, it's set the same way as vanilla, as I never touch them. I had to swap the eyewhite and pupil alpha orders to fix this. I'll upload the fix, but please tell me if there's secondary effects to this, as it doesn't go in compliance with the original head.

    1. wait there is one more girl from dead or alive. the girl from the movie cut scene from dead or alive extreme 2

  2. Good to know. I wonder why it was like this in the first place. If the eye pupils need to be visible over the eye white, why give the eye whites a higher priority? I wonder what was the intention…

  3. Hi Roy! Any idea what's going on with this?


    It only happens in HS Studio. The game works great!

    It should also be noted that I have the 4k texture mods and 8k specular mods installed but all of your other characters work great in HS Studio, even with these mods.

  4. Interesting. Can you tell me which one(s)? If the mod is older than mine, I should fix it, since we have the ID tool DillDoe made to check for conflicts. I didn't know anyone was modding in head parts besides me.

  5. Well, honestly I'm not too sure. I ended up uninstalling the 4k texture, 8k specular, and female face retouching mods all in one go, then booted up the studio and your Mai mods was working! I reinstalled them and everything continues to work so who knows.

    I might have just installed stuff poorly.

  6. great work, you're the best roy! I always love your works… if I may request, could you do kasumi and kokoro? after you do nyotengu ofc..
    I am also still learning to import head meshes from doa game, still couldn't do it properly..

  7. Hello there roy!!
    Can i ask u something?
    when u do this character modding stuff…are u using ur own uncensored mod? Because when i compare to other character (which is not urs)…the cervical detail is quite different from SBX uncen mod version in HF… sory for asking this… but hey..still waiting from ur Nyotengu!! 🙂

  8. Any chance you'll offer face skins, which are usable with plasticminds 4k skin pack? Unfortunatelly the vanilla faces doesn't work appropriately with the 4k mod.

  9. First of all thanks for sharing Riy, your creations are amazing.
    Sincé the Wide Slider mod now is a requirement, can you please update the other characters adjustments to that mod? I didn´t use that mod until now, and now that I installed it some of the previous characters look weird. Thanks in advance!

  10. Hi roy! thanks for the amazing work and sharing. Do Is possible make the body of the girls exacle as in the game? I tried by my self but the body customization in the honey select is a little limitated. Do is possible with the mods like wide slider, plugin architecture, bone modifier etc… get the same body as in the game? because the face you made is exacle like the game. Sorry for my english, respect from Brazil.

  11. When I installed Wide Slider I thought I'd have that problem, but I didn't have any problems, it automatically readjusted the sliders as necessary. I downloaded 5.1 first and then updated to 7.0.

  12. Well, scratch that. It's not in the clothing accessories and there isn't a way to change its color in the hair-set section that I can see, so I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Btw, there's also a glitch with her shoes in the 'Normal' set; you can't change her shoes (or even take them off entirely) without part of the original shoes remaining (the straps on the top of her feet).

  13. Ah, somehow I didn't see the 'color 2' button (brain-fart). Thanks!

    There's no item selected for socks. I know what you're talking about; some of Z's ggmod shoes have a section going up the legs that are technically 'socks'. But it doesn't apply here.

    So far as I can tell it's just some sort of glitch with the custom model you've made, although her other two clothing sets aren't affected. That or it's an incompatibility with Z's mods?

    (at least in my installation, your unedited Mai card comes with a pair Z's shoes already selected for the 'Normal' clothing set)


  14. Whoops, a correction:

    The shoes aren't a mod from Zeasaka, they're from this guy:


    As with most of the mods I've installed, I only did so because so many character cards are using them. This mod didn't override any vanilla files, but maybe there's some sort of item ID conflict with your custom model?

  15. Hi, roy12. thanks for your awesome mod.
    Btw, why is only Mai can't add pubic hair?
    The other characters don't require the Wide Slider don't have any problem.
    Is it a feature or a bug or something?
    Thanks again.

  16. Uh. That has to do with his mod. I have that mod, it separates the top and bottom of shoes in socks and shoes. I just happened to dress Mai in these shoes in the swimsuit category.

  17. Hello sir, Um, there is a mod called 4K skins it's on anime-sharing.. and I tried using your mod with it.. well everything worked exept one thing.. her face is white.. like a pale white.. as if she had white make up all over her face.. is there a way to fix this? I tried changing the skin color but it doesnt help at all. Thanks.

  18. Hi Roy, I know this is probably a stupid question but how exactly do you install these mods? What exact fold are you supposed to un-rar the file into and how exactly do I bring her up in game? I have the wide mod installed btw.

    Sorry again if it's a stupid question. =]

  19. Hi Roy, your work was awesome! but i have some matter need your help, i follow your advise install the wide slider, but still the unnecessary shadow appear at eyes area, how could this be? i installed wide slider 0.7.1, it work fine to Kasumi & Momoji, but it does not work on Mai & Helena, am i done something wrong?

    1. Sorry Roy, i had found out the problem! is was double overwrote the MF patch cause the Wide Slider malfunction, your work was good!

  20. Hi Roy, im very love your mod, but i can’t download mod from your website, can you upload mod file to GGdrive or mega?? Tks very much and sorry for my bad english

  21. Roy12;
    Google Chrome gives warning that the file may be dangerous, preventing downloading … Be informed. Good work…

    1. Funny how Google Chrome says the file may be dangerous, when Google Chrome itself is a danger to humankind.

      Anyways, you didn’t specify with what link this was, if it was the direct link, Baidu or the cards.

      EDIT: I just checked with Google’s search console, both the wp server and the files server, it says that no security issues have been found. Are you sure it’s not just an SSL warning? The downloads server has no HTTPs because I’ve found no way to make the domain work.

      1. Thanks for be interested. Problem Corrected. I’m sure there is no SSL warning, Probably there was an error in the network.

        1. Mmm, I read Chrome sometimes goes funny with non-https, so I thought it could be that. Either that, or since I added the downloads server to the Google Search Console, Chrome stopped the warnings.

          Oh well, thanks for reporting it’s fixed. I should see about fixing that domain.

          1. Mai Shiranui’s Outfit not working…
            Mai Shiranui does not work outfit in new update. Be your scholar.

  22. Really love this, thanks Roy. She’s hotter.

    The current Helena isn’t *quite* Helena from DOA, her face is a bit narrower here, but I’m in love with her all the same. Excited to see what a respin of her might look like.

    1. It’s not narrower, because I never touch the meshes’ dimensions or shape. You just have the impression it’s narrower because of the field of view in HS is different to DoA.

      When she gets updated she’ll get the same head wideness control that Mai just got.

  23. Thanks a lot Roy, but may I ask if this version is “pubic hair” applicable? first version pubic hair doesn’t show.


  24. oh my god! when I first come into your site and look this Mai today,before i check that I am 18 year old,I can’t believe my eyes.this Mai is really look like the DOA Mai(although I think this Mai is more beautiful now).your work is really prettily and your skill is uper ,the made character is more similar to the origin character ,such as LeiFang ,Hotomi, Sarah,Lisa,Pai Chan, Naotora and so on ,I’m glad that I know the site . thanks!Roy!

  25. Hey Roy, you are GOD !!
    Thank for this update, i have waited for too long 🙁
    But, i have one question :3
    Her mouth is slightly open, is that your purpose??

  26. Hey Roy, me again 😀
    I have another problem. When I tried to use Hanmen’s 4k mod, it immediately turned Mai Type A into another character that resembles the default character, and I tried everything but could not use 4K Mai and Mai TypeA simultaneously 🙁
    I used Hanmen Mai 4k v1.1. So I have to wait for more updates from Hanmen right? 🙁
    Thank you alot, Roy !!

    1. same goes to me…
      the facial type is set to the default face type…
      is it really from hanmen or wideslider?
      cant really sure whats the problem..

  27. It’s weird that her (v1.2) mouth so open but she “almost” doesn’t have teeth.
    Other than that good job. Thank Roy

  28. Can you please make some characters from Final Fantasy XV,
    I would love to see Aranea and Shiva if possible.

  29. hi roy
    i have manage to solve mai’s facial problem
    and there is one problem left..

    i still cant find a proper solution
    it only shows her vagina when she is completely naked during h-scene
    pls help

  30. I can’t seem to find her card in the Load Character menu. If that is not where it should be, I apologize for being stupid.

    1. iam install Wide Slider 0.82
      but iam not install . 4K patch by HanmenNoAsura
      Whether it is influential ?


  31. Hi, I am your fan for a long time.

    Btw, this mod does alright but does not include her outfit.

    When I loaded her card, she was a white t-shirt instead of her dress.

    I guess you forgot to include her outfit files.

  32. Hi, roy thank you for the awesome character mod but, I’m a having problem with the cards not showing up. I have read the installation instruction carefully again (as instructed in your response to @Dika’s comment). But the cards still does not turn up.

  33. I found out why the card didn’t show up. My HS version was 1.10 and so I updated my HS with the latest update and now the cards shows up. Awesome!

  34. sory to ask but the faces dosent sho exactly like the image how fix this my version is 1 20 and i have wild slider instaled

  35. For some reason the character looks nothing like Mai, instead she’s just wearing a white t-shirt and has short hair

  36. Roy, I love love love this mod, but I want to be able to use both Mai’s, can you somehow release this mod as 2 independent Mai characters (one with type A face and one with 4k-capable type B face) that don’t have to share the same asset folder and linkfile?

  37. Hi I have a problem with this mod because i have installed all mod required and still continue to have the old face instead the new and I don’t know why

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