[AI] Tina Armstrong (Updated)

Read the requirements section, please. Added custom face bones.



Drop the contents of the 7z into your AI Shoujo install folder.

Same for any updates.


Load any of the included cards wherever you want.


Delete her cards.

Then remove this file:

  • mods/[Roy12]TinaAlpha.zipmod


  • 1.1: Added custom face bones for use with ABMX and/or AIPE. Requires BonesFramework for AI from now on.
  • Initial version.

[Direct Download]


Additional Comments:

Happy holidays to everyone.

Like I said, I had this prepared for today.

There’s no IDs to worry about.

There’s 4 cards. 2 of them have the tints saved in the card, the others don’t. As for the difference between each, one has wild hair (hair customization), the other is Tina’s usual hairstyle.

Tints are currently not editable, as a plugin to redirect the materials responsible for this is needed. Once it exists, I’ll update her tints to be editable.

Make sure you have all the requirements mentioned, otherwise you will run into issues.

Have fun!

UPDATE: As of 1.1, she has custom face bones you can modify with ABMX and/or AIPE. Requires BonesFramework for AI. Here’s a full list of her custom face bones. Add them to ABMX the same way you add any other extra bone.

For example, you can use cf_J_ScalpLength_S to scale her scalp down and make her head fit in vanilla back hairs.