[HS] Mai Shiranui’s Outfit

CustomList: roy12_mai_01.unity3d

IDs: Gloves 212096, Socks 214091, Top 205964

Extract the abdata folder of the 7z into your HS Trial main directory, if asked to merge, say yes.

Remove these files:

Version History:

  • 1.01 – Fix conflict with one of Fija’s tops. Changes the top from 205904 to 205964 since it’s free.
  • Initial release

Known issues:

  • It might clip a bit with extreme body proportions.
  • The “tails” might not move very gracefully, it’s the same workaround I had to use as for Momiji’s hair, I don’t know how to properly modify the skirt bones to handle them better. If someone knows, please tell me.


36 thoughts on “[HS] Mai Shiranui’s Outfit”

  1. great work!Looooooooooove you!!you maybe donot know that roy,
    you has became famous in our forum already!thousands people like you work,in our forum most people like Honaka and Marie Rose,hope you can do it if you like.^ ^

  2. on the hair ribbon material, you’ve accidentally have the spec texture tiled (scale 12,12), so making it shiny looks weird since the texture repeats.

    Material A00_M_acce_000 – SpecGlossMap.

    (I know it’s a few months late, didn’t notice till today)

  3. The file is fine, I checked from the server and downloaded it:

    Testing archive: hs_mso.7z

    Path = hs_mso.7z
    Type = 7z
    Physical Size = 9973584
    Headers Size = 462
    Method = LZMA2:24
    Solid = +
    Blocks = 1

    Everything is Ok

    Folders: 8
    Files: 6
    Size: 43569021
    Compressed: 9973584

    Make sure your archive extractor is updated to its latest version.

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